We fans we are obsessed with origin stories, aren’t we? It’s the reason we’ve seen about a million remakes of Batman. This obsession is what’s to blame for the Phantom Menace’s and Solo’s of the world. I think the reason we can’t get enough of these types of stories is because we just live to see that moment. You know what I’m talking about… it’s that moment, when we the audience knows that this hero that we already know and love is on the precipice of doing something great… Clark Kent jumped higher than ever before, he lands, he smiles he crouches down… and we know that he is on the verge of taking flight… Barry Allen takes his first lightening-charged steps, propelling him forward to save the day… Anakin Skywalker is introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi

So, how do we recognize when we, ourselves are on the verge of greatness? What are the ultimate and necessary steps that will guide us to our destiny? Maybe we will find the hero deep inside of us when we choose to walk away from an impossible situation. Perhaps it will be in seeking a new friendship or a change in career. It could be that our purpose will be found in the first few words jotted down into a new blog? A new adventure could be just on the horizon… We just need to take the leap… We don’t have to jump buildings or move at lightning speed… We just need to take the first step and see where our new-found destiny takes us.


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